Sports Mom Custom Tumblers, 20 oz skinny tumbler

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♥ Specs ♥

- 20oz
- stainless steel
- straight / skinny
- 3" diameter
- 8.5" height

*These are not epoxy coated or decorated with decals (although you can find personalized decals in our shop). We design (or purchase commercial designs) in photoshop, size and print, then press the design onto the tumbler. There is not a texture to this tumbler.

♥ Included ♥

- curved metal straw
- contour lip designed lid
- free personalization

♥ Personalization ♥

If you aren't wanting to personalize, you don't have to follow this extra step. You can just add to your cart or buy now!

Please refer to our listing photo labeled "Personalize Me!"
When adding this listing to your cart and personalizing, please follow the format I have provided. Example as follows:

*Click this in the listing* -> Add your personalization (optional):

Custom Name:
Custom Msg.:

The above format is so I know which side you would like to personalize. If you want to add a name (or names) to both sides, please also disclose that.

To add a name to the left of "Mom" (when facing you), choose "custom name"
To add a name to the right of "Mom" (when facing you), choose "custom msg."
To add a name to both sides, put a name in both places.

Questions? We are available for email at or you can find us on Facebook @NeslerDesigns.

♥ Disclaimers ♥

Each of our tumblers are pressed in our studio, by us!

Due to being handmade, slight imperfections may occur, but we do
quality inspect each item under a super bright / hot light, lol.

SEAMS: Most of our designs are seamless, but there will likely
still be a slight seam. This may also vary per design, as some
colors will show darker than others in a seam.

COLORS: Colors may / will vary from screen to screen. They may also
appear brighter or darker in photos than they will show in person.

The BOTTOM of the tumbler in this listing is WHITE, the base color is WHITE,
the inside of the tumbler is stainless steel.

We try to have as straight of an edge across the top and
bottom of the tumbler as possible. We do not like the “clouding” effect
that comes from a longer print. This means there will be a tiny sliver
of white that shows at the very bottom at certain angles. But we promise,
it’s straight.

♥ How to Order ♥

- Select your design from the drop-down menu
- *some listings have a personalization box, please read the notice above the box to make the ordering process as seamless as possible*
- Choose your quantity (We set our quantities low to avoid over selling, if the listing indicates the item is sold out, please message us and if we have extra in stock, we will update the listing for you! Thank you for understanding!)
- Select either "buy it now" or "add to cart", proceed to follow the on-screen prompts from there.
- Your order will be processed in the order it was received UNLESS you choose a rush option from our "updates" section OR it is for a custom order. We recommend you message us prior to checking out to ensure the rush order will be beneficial; depending on the season.
- this brings us to ⇓ shipping info ⇓

♥ Shipping and Processing ♥

- We offer a flat shipping fee across our website for $5.95. You may qualify for free shipping when you spend $50 or more with us.
- Once an order leaves our hands, we are not able to make any further changes. All of our orders ship with tracking included, so we are able to see where your order is at on its shipping journey.
- PLEASE double check your shipping information, especially if you are checking out via PayPal, or message us immediately when you notice an issue with your address. We sometimes print our shipping labels within minutes of your order if it is for a ready to ship item.
- UNLESS your order is a custom order, preorder, backorder or restock item, all orders are processed in the order they are received.
- Our regular processing time is typically 1-3 business days. This means we may only need 1 day to process and complete your order, or we may need all 3.

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