Pink Power Decal

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This listing is for the decal pictured only.

This decal is made out of a high grade vinyl rated to last outside for up to 6 years.

If using this decal on a tumbler/mug/cup:
--- Do not submerge the decal in a tub of water
--- Do not use this decal in the dishwasher
--- Hand wash only, do not scrub
--- These are recommendations to make your decal last as long as it is rated for

This vinyl is made to last on car windows (keep away from the windshield wipers), the outsides of a drinking glass/tumbler/mug/etc, decorative items such as mirrors, trays, frames, etc.

If you put this decal on your WALL please be aware this is meant to be a permanent vinyl. Once it is placed, it is in place. It is very likely it will peel your paint once you try to remove it. If you need a wall decal, there is a separate vinyl. You can send me a message to discuss this option.

To apply this decal:
- - Clean the desired area with rubbing alcohol (it removes any film and dirt and evaporates without streaks)
- - Line your decal up to place it, or research (on youtube) how to apply it if you aren't sure, or send me a message.
- - These are meant to be used one time only.
- - Once the decal has been placed, it will not be able to be moved, so please line it up correctly before removing the backing.

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