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This custom hardboard (mdf) sticky pad holder is a perfect addition to your desk! It is approximately 3 3/16 across and 5 3/8 inches long. The sticky pad section is approximately 3 3/16" by 3 3/16". The designed portion is approximately 3 3/16" across and 2 3/16" tall in the tallest area. In it's shortest area, this sticky pad holder is 1/8" thick and 3/16" thick in it's tallest area. (from tabletop to the surface of the sticky pad holder)

This product is sturdy and the design is pressed onto it in a way that it will not wipe off! It is hard board on the back with a glossy, printed surface on the front.

Look around my shop for some other listings to mix and match or see if my office bundle option is a match for you!

*Sticky pad included with purchase! :) (colors and style may vary)

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